What Do We Do Now?


In the above video (it’s just under 8 minutes), Rachel Maddow talks to Masha Gessen, a Russian-American journalist, about the autocracy potential of the trump administration. We’ve got some time before inauguration, but we’re going to have to suit up. This is not a drill, progressives! Of greatest concern will be those social structures Gessen refers to that are supported by culture but not by law; these can be dismantled and the rest of us will find ourselves with no legal standing to fight back. So what comes next?

Do your grief work, practice self care, then get the fuck back in the game.

Unaddressed feelings destroy focus and productivity, so sit with your stages of grief. Take care to not get stuck, but you can’t skip this step. Grief looks different on everyone; honor your process. Then, to sustain long-term involvement- which is going to be required– regular self care will be necessary to keep energy up. Figure out what refills your cup and work that in, whether it’s exercise, time with friends, yoga, whatever. Then GET BACK IN. We are all needed to protect progress and keep our country moving forward instead of backward. This is going to be a long game, and we have to prepare for that.

Put your senators and representatives in your phone. Yes, right now. Here are the links:



Look them up. Put them in your phone using “Senator” and “Representative” for their first names if you like, so it’s easy to remember. Those phone numbers are there to be used, and they do listen to their constituents. That’s their job. With the numbers at the ready, you’ll be able to easily take action when urgent legislation and other actions are on the congressional agenda.

Find friends and organize.

While we don’t need to hide away in an echo chamber, we do need to know others are working toward the same goals. We need each other for encouragement and to hold us accountable. We need each other to keep up with all the information that’s out there. So find a buddy and get connected. Local friends you can get together with are probably best, but online connections are good too. Make plans for regular meetings or conversations. We are stronger together.


Remember that despite these election results, we are many, and we the people have power to create the changes needed for a socially just and environmentally sustainable future.



The New Progressive Movement

The New Progressive Movement

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I’m starting this blog as a way to connect people and information, to facilitate progressive activism, and help folks keep up with what’s going on in government. I’ll be focused here on urgent civil rights and environmental issues along with activist networking, and will include the occasional “government 101” post to help us with how to tackle what’s ahead. We need to know what we’re trying to achieve, what we’re up against, and what actions will be effective. We need as much advance notice as we can get for issues with a tight time table. These are the kinds of things I’ll be posting here.

Many of us are overwhelmed with the huge tasks ahead of us; many more are new to activism and don’t know where to start. We will get tired, lose momentum, and suffer burnout. We need encouragement and to know we aren’t alone in this work.

Informed, prepared, organized, focused. We lost battles in the elections, but we don’t have to lose progress. Let’s do this!